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Artificial Intelligence Vagina No. 02 Japan Version

Artificial Intelligence Vagina No. 02 Japan Version

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TamaToys is a Japanese sex toy maker which has a very wide variety of erotic anime themed items. Their products are unique and mostly aimed at more "niche" interests. If you have a specific fetish or fantasy, don't be shy! Grab their items to fulfill your secret fantasies!

The revolutionary AiV series of onaholes from Tama Toys continues.
 The texture and material is made to provide the perfect balance of stimulation, flexibility and tightness that only AI can produce.
Each section of the tunnel has different bumps and stimulations that tickle your penis.
recommend using lubricant that is slightly smoother than regular.



Size (mm): 170 × 90 × 85

Weight (g): 550

Includes a sample lubricant

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