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Artificial Intelligence Vagina No. 06 Japan Version

Artificial Intelligence Vagina No. 06 Japan Version

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TamaToys is a Japanese sex toy maker which has a very wide variety of erotic anime themed items. Their products are unique and mostly aimed at more "niche" interests. If you have a specific fetish or fantasy, don't be shy! Grab their items to fulfill your secret fantasies!

The revolutionary AiV series of onaholes from Tama Toys continues.
✔ This masturbator features a Japanese schoolgirl's mouth, tongue and throat, give you a dream blowjob. 
Tama Toys recommend you warm the masturbator up first to fully benefit from the sensations it provides.



Size (mm): 170 × 90 × 85
Weight (g): 550
Includes a sample lubricant

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