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BINDing Shino Urushibara Bunny Ver. Japan Version

BINDing Shino Urushibara Bunny Ver. Japan Version

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Shino Urushibara, the 2nd Original Bunny Girl Designed by Popular Illustrator Ulrich, is Now Available!

Shino Urushibara is here! Marking the second original bunny girl designed by popular illustrator Ulrich. This bunny has a tight body, beautiful fair skin, and a bunny suit design that feels so wrong, but right at the same time. Shino dons a black, shiny bondage bunny suit. She'll satisfy both your lust for dominating and your lust for being a sub, both ways! Please welcome Urushibara-san to your room, she'll be your gateway to "greener" pastures.
Figures have recently become more expensive...  but we will still deliver them in a big-sized 1/4 scale with fabric mesh tights that can be passed down to your grandchildren.... and hopefully your descendants. Not only for our unwavering bunny fans, we can confidently recommend this piece to shy ladies and gentlemen who are planning to make their bunny debut this year! Let's step into a new world together with Urushibara-san!


Accessories: Folded Breast Cups and Mirror Base

JAN Code: 4589890602243
Release Date: Nov 2024
Manufacturer: BINDing
Series: BINDing Creators Opinion
Specifications: PVC, ABS, and Mirror ; fully painted and assembled
1/4 scale
Total height33cm

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