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REAL GIRL 148cm R45 Japan Version

REAL GIRL 148cm R45 Japan Version

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Please select each option from 1-12 below and enter them in [Order special instructions] that will be shown on your cart page after adding a product. 

Please kindly check the specifications BEFORE ordering as we cannot accept any returns of products due to personal reasons of customers.

  • 1) Head material
    a. Soft TPE head (with oral sex function)
    b. Firm silicone head (without oral sex function)
  • 2) Body material
    a. TPE   b. Silicone (Recommend)

  • 3) Eye colour
    Select one below
  • 4) Skin colour
    a. Same colour shown in the pictures   b. Light Neutral   c. Moderate brown

  • 5) Facial make-up
    a. Normal make-up   b. Artisanal make-up

  • 6) Areola size
    a. 3cm   b. 4cm   c. 5cm

  • 7) Areola colour
    a. Pink   b. Light Brown   c. Brown

  • 8) Hole type
    a. Integrated   b. Detachable
  • 9) Vagina colour
    a. Pink   b. Light Brown   c. Brown

  • 10) Pubic hair
    a. Without   b. With

  • 11) Finger joints
    a. Conventional wire   b. New tech skeletal joints

  • 12) Self-supporting option
    a. Without   b. With


Material: Silicone, TPE
Use: for vaginal and anal use, Only TPE head can be used for oral sex.

Height/148 cm, Bust/74 cm, Waist/52 cm, Hip/80 cm, Weight/approx. 27 kg
Shoulder width/ 32cm, Foot size/19cm, Vagina depth/ 18cm, Anal depth/ 15cm

Cleaning pump, USB warmer, Costume, Gloves, Hair comb, Blanket

Standard features:
EVO new skeleton, M16 bolts, Movable eye balls to adjust line of sight, Movable fingers, Gel Breasts

Estimated Production Time: approx. 20-40 days

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