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PUNI ANA DX SOFT 2.2kg Japan Version

PUNI ANA DX SOFT 2.2kg Japan Version

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EXE Japan sets themselves apart as a maker of unique and high-quality products at competitive prices. With a large variety of sex toys for men, they consistently provide intricate design and attention to detail. Their top-selling AV Star Onahole and anime-themed Onahole series bring a Japanese erotic wonderland to the rest of the world.

 The popular Loli onahole DX soft version is back with new material.
Golden ratio body that is just the right size and easy to grip, whether used hand-held or on a flat surface!
Made of high quality elastomer to reduce stickiness and odor and has enhanced a more soft and realistic texture.


Size (mm): 210 × 200 × 100

Weight (g): 2200

illustrator: maruku 

Includes: a sample lubricant

Material: elastomer

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