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PUNI ANA SPDX Soft Japan Version

PUNI ANA SPDX Soft Japan Version

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EXE Japan sets themselves apart as a maker of unique and high-quality products at competitive prices. With a large variety of sex toys for men, they consistently provide intricate design and attention to detail. Their top-selling AV Star Onahole and anime-themed Onahole series bring a Japanese erotic wonderland to the rest of the world.

Finally, a softer version of PUNI ANA SPDX is available!
With its flexible and durable integrated skeleton, this pocket pussy weighs 4kg and is well-suited to a variety of positions, including cowgirl.
Made of high quality elastomer to reduce stickiness and odor and has enhanced a more realistic feel.


Size (mm): 320 × 200 × 110

Weight (g): 4000

Illustrator: maruku 

Includes: a sample lubricant

Material: elastomer

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