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Real Body + 3D Bone System You Youjiang Japan Version

Real Body + 3D Bone System You Youjiang Japan Version

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DNA JAPAN is an adult products company, and the whole process from planning and design to production are carried out in Japan. The Real Body series is the newest sex doll collection, using the most advanced 3D graphics technology to create ideal proportions of woman’s body. Each torso has a different character model and varies in body shape, texture and even weight. Experience the possibilities with torso sex dolls, which smaller onaholes do not have.


The body's integrated bone structure adds to its durability and gives a firmer form.

Her slim waist, plump breasts and gentle hips - everything is yours.

The fully insertable vagina and anus are beautifully shaped, tight and curved. 

Dreaming of paizuri? She will give you all you desire!



Size (W × H mm): 470 × 280

Weight (kg): 8

Material: elastomer

Skin: DNA Silk Skin II

2 holes (vagina and anus)

Illustrator: Shirokuma A (シロクマA)

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