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MENHERA-WAVE Japan Version

MENHERA-WAVE Japan Version

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PxPxP is a well-known adult toy maker in Japan, targeting "otaku" people who love 2D anime girls. Their package designs are iconic, the material of onahole (pocket pussy) is soft yet sturdy, and tunnels are very well-designed.
The product is inspired by a Menhera girl (a girl with unstable emotions and obsessive love).
The ridges and bumps in the wavy tunnel are very distinct, providing excellent stimulation as you thrust inside.
When you slide in, she accepts you nicely; when you slide out, she entangles your penis and refuses to let go.
 Try to squeeze the air out before use for the best-ever experience!


Size (D × W × H mm): 147 × 81 × 66

Weight (g): 420

illustrator: Ōuso (大嘘)

Includes: a sample lubricant


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