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native Towa Japan Version

native Towa Japan Version

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"You can do whatever you want, whatever you thirst..... whatever you like, do it all"

Introducing the main protagonist, "Towa," from the latest production of NITRO CHiRAL, "Slow Damage," released in 2021. The concept of this figure was based on the illustration of Uiro Yamada featured on a single shot from the OP video of "Slow Damage." In a drenched location soiled with paint, Towa, with his disheveled clothes, can be found lighting up more of that purple smoke.
A glance at this single visual work of art, we hope to suck you into the dark world view of "Slow Damage." Though your initial impression of Towa's is still intact, this new figure was designed to cater to the preferences of each fan. With various included parts, you can arrange Towa to fit the situation of your ever-changing display environment.
As part of your toxic trait, imagine a relaxed Towa with an exposed lower body, loosened mouth, pretending to listen to one of your whims. You can also create a scene with his killer, provocative smile as he asks how to take off his gentlemanly underwear. On the other hand, Towa can also look at you with a dark, lethargic expression without paying heed to your countless fantasies with him. We won't question your cup of tea ; we aim to broaden our horizons.
To further add the variety of plays and options, not just focusing on Towa's appearance, We took on the challenge of recreating what makes Towa "Towa." With that ambition set in stone, we were able to fully recreate his characteristics in 3D form and bring Towa into our world. This challenging production was made by head honcho sculptor of the "DRAMAtical Murder" figure, "Aoba & Koujaku," Arneb(okachimatic). Paintwork by yours truly, Eimi Hoshina, who has continued to produce masterpieces. Pale skin that feels a little unhealthy, scars etched all over his body, yet a masculine body line with fine muscles. You will be able to awe every inch of this remarkable sculpture that boasts the high level of understanding we have of Towa. This is definitely the one that fulfills your most inner desires. Please make sure to enjoy our boy to the fullest!


Accessories: Smoking Face Part, Underwear(Dressed・Undressed), Genital(Bulge・Unleashed), Movable Western Style Toilet, Toilet Lid, and Base

JAN Code: 4562271933198
Release Date: Sep 2024
Manufacturer: native
Series: Slow Damage
PVC and ABS ; fully painted and assembled
1/6 scale
Total height21cm

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