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HOTVENUS Pure White Angel-chan Japan Version

HOTVENUS Pure White Angel-chan Japan Version

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"Master ♥ Does this feel good? THIS IS THE EFFEsCT OF MY TREATMENT ♥"

Small, soft wings, white, transparent body, rich body that was made for healing, a trump card with strong recovery ability ― ― "Pure White Angel-chan".
"HUH?? Still not healing enough? That's a problem ... Then I'll start intensifying the heals ~"
In addition to the fact that the chest parts can be enjoyed in two patterns, "Dressed" and "Exposed." The underwear will be delivered with a fully open crotch.
The Angel itself can also be removed from the chair. From a master's exclusive POV up to her bursting chest and slightly raised stomach, you can pay attention to every detail of the Angel's body.
Please enjoy an indecent moment with "Pure White Angel-chan."



Accessories: Base and Interchangeable Chest Parts

JAN Code: 4595316892105
Release Date: Oct 2024
Series: Sue Original Character
Specifications: PVC and ABS ; fully painted and assembled
1/6 scale
Total height: 27cm

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